Lot 761: Ancient Coins from Various Properties

Dix Noonan Webb

March 14, 2018
London, United Kingdom

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Description: ANCIENT COINS, Greek Coinages, Sicily, Syracuse, Tetradrachm, c. 405-395, charioteer driving quadriga left, Nike flying right above to crown him, dolphin left in exergue, rev. head of Arethusa left, her hair bound with broad band and floating upwards (as in water), four dolphins swimming around, 17.09g (Tudeer 89 (V33/R61). Very fine

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Provenance: Provenance: CNG Mailbid Sale 57, 4 April 2001 (110)
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Coins & Historical Medals - Day 2

Dix Noonan Webb
March 14, 2018, 11:00 AM GMT

London, United Kingdom