Andre Franquin (1924 - 1997)

Lot 21: André FRANQUIN (1924-1997) - Gaston Lagaffe – Gaffe à Lagaffe

Huberty & Breyne Gallery

December 11, 2016
Bruxelles, Belgium

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Description: Indian Ink for the drawing/gag Nº673 published in
1971 in Le Journal de Spirou Nº1733.
20x27 cm.
At the back, a business card on wich André
Franquin himself wrote “This page was not sold
by the author but offered. AF”.
Marsu Productions, 1996

Gaston Lagaf fe’s cat has no name – although his creator
André Franquin had a cat called César. But Franquin acknowledges
that César inspired the many gags relating to Gaston’s cat!
In his 673rd gag, on 1 July 1971, the famously inventive Gaston
causes hilarity among Spirou readers thanks to his capacity to
miniaturise a strange accessory for Cheese, the mouse.
Speaking to Patrick Pinchart, editor of Journal Spirou , in 1992,
Franquin said that “to create a gag, you could say that three things
need to come together: a character, an accessory and a situation
or an atmosphere” (Signé Franquin, 1992, Dupuis). And this
is exactly what we have here, where once again the accessory
provides the pretext for putting his favourite animals – including
THE cat – in the frame. As for the animals themselves, Franquin
acknowledges that “I’ve always been surrounded by animals. I
used to breed white mice. I had a squirrel that I’d picked up living
with me for years. When I went to my aunt Hortense’s house
in the holidays, I’d spend time with the chickens, turkeys, guinea
fowls, sheep, pigs… and I used to milk the goat. All that stuff is
terrific for a kid. It’s part of childhood – loving animals, enjoying
their company. Gaston is an overgrown child, so naturally I made
him like animals.”
Notes: Comics
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