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Lot 99: Augustinian Breviary, Use of Rome, in Latin, manuscript on vellum [Italy, second half of the fifteenth century]

Est: £2,000 GBP - £3,000 GBPSold:
Sotheby'sDecember 02, 1997New York, NY, US

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429 leaves, 133mm. by 98mm., lacking at least 2 leaves at beginning, a leaf after fol.81, apparently a leaf after fol.198, apparently 2 each after fols.210 and 235, probably at least one each after fols.259 and 161, 2 after fol.375 and at least one leaf at end, else apparently complete, collation: i8 [of 10, lacking i-ii], ii-viii10, ix3 [of 4, lacking iv], x-xii10, xiii8, xiv-xvii10, xviii8, xix-xx10, xxi4, xxii9 [apparently of 10, lacking viii], xxiii8, xxiv6 [apparently of 8, lacking iii-iv], xxv6+1 [apparently complete], xxvi10, xxvii8 [apparently of 10, lacking vii-viii], xxviii-xxix10, xxx2 [probably lacking leaves at each end], xxxi-xli10, xlii8, xliii-xlvi10, xlvii8, xlviii2 [of unknown number, lacking all after ii], with horizontal catchwords, double column, 28 lines, written-space 87mm. by 71mm., written in brown ink in two sizes of a very small rounded gothic liturgical hand, rubrics in red, capitals touched in yellow, large and small initials throughout - from one to 8 lines high, many on every page - painted in bright red, some signs of use and marginal scribbles, some blank margins cut away and generally replaced with blank vellum, a few dampstains, contemporary binding of slightly bevelled wooden boards sewn on 2 double thongs and covered with tanned leather panelled with treble lines, frames blind-stamped with multiple impressions of ropework tools, inner compartments stamped with clusters of impressions of cusped rectangles, upper border of upper cover stamped with title ''breviario'', spine in hatched compartments, endleaves and pastedowns, from vellum pieces of a theological manuscript in characteristically Bolognese script of c.1300, lacking 2 clasps and catches, binding worn and slightly wormed, joints cracking but mostly intact provenance St.Augustine is the only saint in the Litany whose name begins with a capital letter; and he is referred to in rubrics as 'pater noster' (e.g., fol.74v). The manuscript must date from after 1450 and the Litany includes St.Bernardinus, canonised in that year. The manuscript is the property of a North American religious foundation. text A ferial Psalter (fol.1r) and hymnal (fol.62v); the Temporal ''secundum Consuetudinem Romane Curie'' (fol.82r), from the eve of the first Sunday in Advent to the first Sunday in November, and including the Litany in Lent; the Sanctoral (fol.262r), from St.Saturinus (29 November) to St.Katherine (25 November the following year); and the Common (fol.413v).

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Western Manuscripts and Miniatures

December 02, 1997, 12:00 AM EST

1334 York Avenue, New York, NY, 10021, US