Lot 27: Austro-Hungary. Five Historic Booklets regarding Jewish Life in the 19th Century Monarchy.

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January 15, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel

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Description: 1. Statues of the Jewish-Hungarian 'Shomrei HaDat' community. Pest, 1868. 'Statutem fur dem ungarisch judischen verein Glaubenwatchter. 15, [1] page. 20.6 cm. Hebrew and German preface. Signed by Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, the 'Kitav Sofer'. Rabbi Yermiyahu Lau, Rabbi of Ujhel and Rabbi Menachem b"r Meir Eisenshtat, Rabbi of Ungvar. German preface signed by the three community leaders. At conclusion - approval by the Hungarian Minister of Education and Culture.2. Beleuchtung der die Gemeinden - und Schulem- organization betreffenden Vorlagen ungarisch - Israel itischen konferenzmajoritat. Lecture by a member of the Shomrei HaDat community given to the Jewish-Hungarian Congress in the presence of the Hungarian Minister of Education and Culture and members of the Hungarian parliament. Pest, 1868. 19 pages. 20.6 cm.3. Entgengnung auf dem Mahnrus an die Israeliten Ungarns uber den israelitischen Landes congress und dessen geheime feinde. Response to the National Congress of Hungarian Jews and their secret enemies' by Veritas. Pest, 1868. 30 pages. 19.5 cm.4. Bewahrung der am Schulchan - Arukh festhaltenden partei des isr Congresses. Defense for those 'loyal to the Shulchan ARuch' party at the Jewish Congress. Pest, 1869. 15 pages. 20.6 cm.5. Organizations - statu fur die autonome judisch-orthodoxe Religions Genossenschaft. Ungarns und siebenburgens. The autonomous Orthodox-Jewish society of Hungary and Siebenburgn. Pest, 1870. 24 pages. 20.6 cm. All pages cropped on the upper right section of the blank paper.
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