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Cass Gilbert (1859 - 1934)

Lot 254: Autograph - Cass Gilbert

RR Auction

April 18, 2012
Amherst, NH, US

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Architect (1859-1934) and designer of the Woolworth Building. TLS, one page, 8.25 x 11, personal letterhead, January 14, 1929. Letter to the president of the Society of Arts and Sciences in New York. In part: "There is no monument or memorial more lasting, more useful, or more honored than a good road. The authors of the Bronx River Parkway deserve the highest praise for having rescued the beautiful Bronx River from the deplorable condition into which it had fallen and having created a beautiful park and roadway out of a dreary waste. To have changed a public nuisance into a public benefit, a muck hole into a vale of beauty, and created a highway that relieves congestion in the whole northern end of the city is a great achievement." In fine condition, with intersecting folds.

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