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Lot 381: Autograph: LIVINGSTONE DAVID: (1813-1873) Scottish

Est: £2,000 GBP - £3,000 GBP
International Autograph AuctionsFebruary 13, 2010Heathrow, United Kingdom

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Autograph: LIVINGSTONE DAVID: (1813-1873) Scottish Missionary & Explorer. Concluding four pages of a good A.L.S., David Livingstone, four pages, 8vo, n.p., n.d. (c.1866), to Rev. Edwin Sidney. Livingstone writes, in part, 'But after all it is not the false or even true philosophers whose sympathies well up to all this world of woe. It is the men in whose hearts the love of Christ is the controlling motive that feel for all the lost & ruined of our race whether at home and abroad and a great deal of the so called philosophy causes no more action....As you are interested in Islands, I may tell you that I am making an experiment with the tame buffaloes of India - they are so like the wild ones of Africa which are not killed by the poison of the Tsetse that I have sent over 14 which I propose to use as beasts of burden - and if they withstand the evil effects of the bite of this insect we shall confer a greater boon on Africa than you will on England by your Islands. At present no beast of burden exists there. I have also nine Africans who were recaptured and educated at a Government school near Bombay. They are all young - have acquired a knowledge of some trade & are Christians. They understand that hard work is meant so may turn out well. I regret that I neglected to send you a copy of my last work but possibly you may see it in the Libraries. My present attempt is to the North where I was before and away from all Portuguese...' Although incomplete, the lengthy conclusion of Livingstone's letter contains interesting content. Some very light, minor age wear, about VG

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February 13, 2010, 10:30 AM GMT

Radisson Edwardian Hotel 140 Bath Road, Heathrow, MDX, UB3 5AW, UK