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Dominique Barrière (1618 - 1678)

Lot 1067: BARRIERE, DOMINIQUE. 1622-1678. Villa Aldobrandina Tusculana.... Rome: 1647.

Bonhams 2

October 10, 2011
San Francisco, CA, US

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Villa Aldobrandina Tusculana.... Rome: 1647.
Folio (388 x 274 mm). Engraved title, dedication, "Ad lectorem" and 19 plates, 8 of which are double-page, by Barriere. Period full vellum, covers centered with gilt design, a.e.g. "Ad lectorem" leaf with repairs to gutter margin, some faint spots and soiling, some dampstaining to margins, a few brief repairs, binding soiled, lacks ties.

FIRST EDITION. Barriere depicts the Villa Aldobrandini, built for Pietro Aldobrandini at the turn of the 17th century in Frascati, Italy. Barriere was born in Marseilles in the year 1622. He visited Rome about the middle of the 17th century, and published many prints during his stay in that city.

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