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Dominique Barrière (1618 - 1678)

Lot 1042: BARRIERE, Dominique (c. 1615-1678). Recens urbis Romae ex Australi plaga prospectus. [Rome]: Domenico Rossi, 1649.


May 20, 1998
London, United Kingdom

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Etched panorama on two Royal sheets joined, 321 x 890mm. The title set in a banner along upper margin, key and dedication alomg lower margin, with the arms of the dedicatee, Giovanni Battista Mora. (Trimmed to plate mark, some discolouration along join.) A fine, comprehensive, panorma covering the whole of the city as seen from the South, from beyond the Basilica of Santa Maria Meggorie to St Peter's, the foreground enlivened with buccolic details. Born in Marseille, Dominique BarriŠre, pent of his life in Rome. Amongst his more famous works are his etchings after Cluade Lorraine, his seascapes, landscapes, and his views of Rome. He was unknown to Tooley ( Dictionary of Mapmakers ). Arrigoni and Bertarelli 134.

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May 20, 1998, 12:00 AM EST

London, United Kingdom