Lot 37: Beatles Ballads Extremely Rare unreleased cover Original 1st Generation Proof cover


February 6, 2014
Chelmsford, United Kingdom

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Description: An Original 1st Generation Proof for The Beatles Ballads album PCS 7214 released in 1980. The proof is without the barcode and the reference number is on the top right outer blue mounting rather than inside the yellow part of the back cover. At the bottom of the Back cover the reference to Garrod and Lofthouse Ltd is in full unlike the released version in which it is abbreviated. Parlophone logo is missing and the EMI logo is different. The lines separating each track and bordering side one and side two are missing. Most importantly The production credits read "Across the universe and The long and winding road produced by Phil Spector" The final released version just credits Long and winding Road as Spector's. Measuring approx 27x17" This is a part of Beatles and music history. All proofs and production artworks were commissioned by the artist's record company They come with a hand-signed letter of authenticity from the art studio commissioned to produce the artworks by the artist's record company
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Rock 'N Roll, Art and Soul

February 6, 2014, 11:00 AM GMT

Chelmsford, United Kingdom

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Viewing: WELCOME TO PAINTPOP'S AUCTION OF RARE MEMORABILIA INCLUDING ALBUM SINGLE AND PROMOTIONAL ARTWORK FOR SOME OF THE GREATEST NAMES IN MUSIC. Original Production Artwork is the rarest form of Album design. In most cases only one will exist. The very few proofs that exist derive from these and included are rare discarded proofs of album and single covers alonside Original Art by Pop Artist James Wilkinson who is the Official Artist to the V Festival and who has collaborated with some of the most Famous Musicians in the World to produce unique portraits of his subjects. Viewing by appointment please give 2 days notice.
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