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Bernardino Mei (1612 - 1676)

Lot 40: Bernardino Mei (Siena 1612-1676)


November 26, 2009
Milan, Italy

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Bernardino Mei (Siena 1612-1676)
Amore dormiente
olio su tela
49.4x65 cm.


Where there is no symbol Christie''s generally sells lots under the Margin Scheme. The final price charged to Buyer''s for each lot, is calculated in the following way: 30% of the final bid price of each lot up to and including € 20.000,00 26% of the excess of the hammer price above € 20.000,00 and up and including € 800.000,00 18,5% of the excess of the hammer price above €800.000,00

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November 26, 2009, 7:00 PM CET

Milan, Italy