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Lot 117: BLAEU, J. (1) Toonneel der steden van de

Adams Amsterdam Auctions

October 2, 2010
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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BLAEU, J. (1) Toonneel der steden van de Vereenighde Nederlanden, met hare beschrijvingen. (2) Toonneel der steden van 's Konings Nederlanden, met hare beschrijvingen. Amst., J. Blaeu, (1649-1700). Contemp. vellum. 3 vols. Large folio. Extra illustrated, "De Wit edition" of Blaeu's famous "Town- Atlas", with Dutch text, with the plans and maps of all the cities, fortresses, and sieges of the Dutch Republic, here including the provincial maps by De Wit in Contemp. colour. With 131 additional plates incl. all the 36 plates from the Speculum Zelandia and a.o. views of Utrecht and Haarlem. Vol. 1.1 Gelderland and Holland- Map of the United Netherlands published by Clemendt de Ionghe, 1661-64 (Van der Heijden & Blonk 2005, map 3.2).- 3 plates of Haarlem engraved by I. v. Velde after P. Saenredam and published by P. Goos, showing the interior and exterior of the church and the town hall, preceded by a title page showing Damiate, engraved by Akersloot after I. Bouchout- 6 prints of the different açades of the Amst. Town Hall, marked Fig. D I. portrait of Desidirius Erasmus by Lucas Vorsterman after Hans Holbein (to the description of Rotterdam). large plan of The Hague by Cornelis Elandts (41 x 41 cm), dated 1667. Maizon Royale de Rijswijk, ou se tiennent les Conferences de la Paix generale, published by Anna Beek.- Afbeeldinge van 't Grote Bál gegeven by H.K.H. Mevrouw de Princesse van Orange in Decemb. 1686 by D. Marot.- Caroli II Regis Magnæ Brttanniæ ex Hollandia in Angliam discessus, 2 June 1660, by P.H. Schut, published by Nicolaus Visscher Vol. 1.2 Other provinces- All 36 plates from the Speculum Zelandiae.- Plan of Utrecht by C. Specht, 1695 (Donkersloot-Vrij) 5 prints of Utrecht, Vredenburgh / St. v. Lam fec. Her. Specht excu; De E. Mog. Heere State Kamer / G. Ver Haer figu. Her. Specht excu.; the Maliebaan, the Dom and the Town Hall, engraved by I. van Vianen and published by Casper Specht, 1697.Vol. 2, the Royal Netherlands, several fortification and battle plans were inserted, some loose. These are not listed here.Furthermore 17 plates from Theatrum praecipuarum urbium ducatus Brabantiae necnon comitatum Flandriae et Zelandiae (towns in Brabant and Flanders belonging to the Southern Netherlands). Good copy.- (Spines restored). Van der Krogt, Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici, 43:121A (vol. IV to be published) First edition with explanatory texts of one of the first print series depicting the Netherlands

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