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Lot 84: Brădean Traian (1927-2013) Vas cu flori / Vase with flowers

Est: €600 EUR - €800 EURSold:
GoldartFebruary 22, 2017Bucharest, Romania

Item Overview


ulei/pânză, semnat și datat dreapta jos în pastă "T. Brădean 1988" (T.A.P.)/
oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right in color "T. Brădean 1988" (T.A.P.)


45 x 41 cm

Artist or Maker

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This Regulation shall apply bidders and contractors participants present at the auction organized by the Auction House GOLDART property SC ARTDESIGN GDS SRL - CUI 14742298/2002; Nr.Reg Com. J40 / 5729/2002, with headquarters in Bucharest, Str. Ion Caragea no. 27, et. 2 ap. 3, sector 1 and represents general terms regulating legal relations created between them and SC ARTDESIGN GDS SRL, hereinafter referred to as the Auction House.

1. Catalogue
Auction catalog is published before each auction organization and includes rules of the auction, presentation of items in the order of entry into the auction section and estimating price.

2. Exposure
Things exposure is made before the auction. The exhibition is open to the public without charge. All items are displayed in the catalog, each bearing the serial number associated. Visitors have access to the target range in the exhibition organizers and announced on the site www.goldart.ro.

It is permitted to manipulate objects in order to ascertain the conservation status of objects, the authenticity and compliance documents and markings, with the assistance of the Auction House. Visitors have the opportunity, in the days of exposure to the work before the day of bidding, check them carefully and consult with the Auction House or own experts.
Any damage following improper handling of the exhibits will be borne by the guilty in accordance with this Regulation.
Filming and photography is not permitted without the organizer.

3. Participation in the auction
The auction may attend any natural or legal person, regardless of nationality or residence. There is no charge for participation.
Can participate in the auction the persons directly concerned, or their representatives who will present mandate.
Persons interested in purchasing pieces of tender, who can not attend the sale are invited to contact the organizers to arrange representation.

4. Entry
For inclusion in the auction, it is necessary to complete the contract to tender - the secretariat of the auction, which are liabilities and certifying recognition provisions of this Regulation.
The participant receives a paddle chosen to tender numbered.
Auction House ensures the confidentiality of the identity of the purchaser, within the limits prescribed by law.

5. General regulations
Bidding starts at organizers announce. The exchange rate displayed at the beginning of the auction and used for payments is foreign exchange rate the day of the auction.
The leader announces bid to enter the auction price for each item.
For the positions listed with reserve price after the last bid, bid leader announces whether or not it was achieved. The auction continues until adjudication.
The auction is conducted in the order mentioned in the catalog, without pause and without time limit. The auction ends after the last entry in the catalog has been bid. Confirmation of agreement for the proposed price of the leader board by raising the auction is the auction number. Adjudication position is irrevocably tendered by the fall of the tongue, head for the indicated number of auction, after three fair warnings of the offered price. The award represents the commitment of payment.

6. Methods bidding for unsold items in auction
No adjudicate positions at the time when their initial bid was may be called by its explicit request of a participant.
After the end of the auction, it may request the organizers no adjudicate selling positions. The sale is carried out at the price of entry into the auction without another agreement of the depositor. To establish a sale price other than the contract Auction House shall award the work to the price accepted for filing and, in the case of multiple offers, for the best offer.

7. Payment
Payment shall be made on the basis of invoices issued from the day of the auction, within 7 calendar days. The deadline is stipulated in the tax bill.
Payment of the price shall be deemed to have occurred when crediting the account Auction House or the date of issue receipt when paying in cash or via POS. By signing the invoice or acknowledgment of receipt, the customer has no objections on the amount agreed price and conditions of payment.

-The amount of the award plus commission auction houses 18% (including VAT) and tax for fine art (TAP) 0.5% [calculated on the value of adjudication + commission Auction House (without VAT) for positions in catalog that the specified TAP].
- Depending on the nature of the property, Auction House is entitled to apply any other fee required by the law in force at the date of the auction.
- Invoicing is made in RON at the exchange rate of the day of the auction, displayed at the beginning of the auction, according pt. 5 above.
- Invoicing can be made in foreign currency, at the request of foreign citizens and Romanian citizens residing abroad.

8. Payment methods
Cash (RON) at the cashier Auction House.
By order, the Auction House's account at the bank specified in the bill.
For card payments, the bank charges a commission of 2% of the whole amount (cost plus award fee and taxes).
The payment order in EUR or USD shall be in accordance with art 7.

9. Delivery
Transfer of ownership and risk of property awarded occur receipt of payment by the buyer.
Delivery is carried out at the property awarded based / point of the foreclosure auction invoice after receipt of payment.
If the work falls within the movable cultural heritage and falls within the provisions of Law no. 182/2000, the Auction House will issue a certificate of sale under HG 1420/2003 amended and supplemented. Buyer must verify the state of conservation and completeness items upon delivery / takeover.
BUYER shall have a period of 15 calendar days from the date of payment to challenge its authenticity awarded based on a counter signed by a certified specialist or a specialized institution. Not picking work within 15 days of the payment shall be deemed waiver of the right opinion.
10. Other clauses
Exporting objects carried by the buyer adjudicated under the legislation in force.
Auction House reserves the right to withdraw from the auction works in situations that require it.
For movable cultural goods classified apply HG 1420/2003 as amended and supplemented.
This Regulation shall complement the provisions of the Civil Code and special legislation.
Failure to comply with this regulation leads to automatic cancellation of the right to tender.
Giving won or paying the purchase price subject to maturity results in termination of the contract as of right without formal notice and without prior communication without needing other evidence or prior communication, the parts being brought into the situation prior to sale. In the case of termination for non-payment of the sale price, the buyer due to the Auction House commission of 33.5%.
Parties shall endeavor to resolve amicably any dispute arising from the application of this Regulation, and failing that, by the competent courts of the headquarters of the Auction.

Shipping Terms

GOLDARTaccept the buyer's carrier.

If the buyer wants GOLDART to arrange the transportation of the goods, the carrier Terms and Conditions will be applicable.

The buyer will pay any transportation costs involved.