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Lot 280: BRICE Ignace (1795 - 1866) - Huile sur toile "Portrait d'une fillette à

Est: €400 EUR - €600 EURPassed
VanderkindereJanuary 18, 2017Brussels, Belgium

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BRICE Ignace (1795 - 1866)
Huile sur toile "Portrait d'une fillette à la gerbe de fleurs". Signé en bas à gauche Brice. Ecole belge. Dim.:68.5x56cm.

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Antiquités , Tableaux et Objets d'Arts

January 18, 2017, 07:30 PM CET

Chaussée d'Alsemberg 685-687, Brussels, 1180, BE


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The present general conditions apply to the relationship between Hôtel de Ventes Vanderkindere (hereafter referred to as "VDK"), having its registered office at 1180 Brussels, chaussée d'Alsemberg 685?687, registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0467.241.377 and any person or legal entity giving to VDK one or many goods in order to sell it/them by public auctions (hereafter referred to as the "Client" or the "Principal") and any particular or legal entity participating to public auctions organised by VDK (hereafter referred to as the "Buyer").
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The "droit de suite" is over when the artist died for more than 70?years.
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4. Picking up of the acquired lot(s)
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5. Non payment and/or non picking up of the lot
In case of payment default and/or of non picking up of the lot, the Buyer will pay, without prior summon, an interest of 1% per month and a penalty sum of 15% of the Price. Moreover, VDK will be entitled to take the following measures, discretionary and without prejudice of all other measures :
? store the lots at the Buyer's expenses and deliver the lot only after payment of the Price and of all costs;
? sue the Buyer in court for the payment of the Price and costs and/or for the picking up of the lot with imposition of a penalty (astreinte) if the need -arises;
? cancel the sale of the lot and possibly of other lots acquired by the Buyer at the public auction or at previous auctions;
? to put up the lots for auction, any loss in relation to the first auction and all costs being at the Buyers' expenses. The Buyer will not be entitled to obtain anything in case of higher price at this second auction;
? keep the lot sold at this auction of at previous auctions until full payment of the Price and the costs;
? sell in auctions any good that would have been given by the Buyer to VDK for a public auction or for any other reason, the obtained amount being affected in priority to the payment of the Price and costs;
? refuse any bid made by the defaulting Buyer or in his name.
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7. Bids and telephone auctions
A Buyer may bid or participate to public auctions by telephone. In this case, the Buyer must ask to do so by letter, fax, e?mail and must give all his contacts details (name, address, telephone and mobile telephone numbers to VDK, this latter being entitled to ask to the Buyer his bank details and references. VDK is not responsible or liable for the mistakes of the Buyer in the telephone number or for a false indication of the number of the lot, for problems during the telephone communication (busy line, transmission problems, bad mobile telephone network, interruptions, etc.). If two bids are made on the same lot for the same amount, preference will be given to the bid received firstly.
8. All sales to EU residents are considered to be made to private individuals, and VAT is therefore payable.

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