Lot 1300: British Historical Medals from Various Properties

Dix Noonan Webb

March 14, 2018
London, United Kingdom

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Description: BRITISH HISTORICAL MEDALS, Madras College, St Andrews, an engraved silver award in the shape of a Maltese cross by J. Aitchison, shield and crest, back named (Sir W. Robertson Prize, Madras College, Marjory S. Burgess, 1920-21), 42mm. Extremely fine, toned, with clip and ring for suspension; in maroon case of issue by James Aitchison, Court Jeweller, 80 Princes St, Edinburgh

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Notes: Sir William Robertson (1856-1923), linen manufacturer, Dunfermline. The first Robertson prizes, for Science, were awarded in 1910
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Coins & Historical Medals - Day 2

Dix Noonan Webb
March 14, 2018, 11:00 AM GMT

London, United Kingdom