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Lot 2039: Camille van Camp (Tongeren 1834 - 1891 Montreux), Jeune hollandaise au bord de la mer

Est: €1,200 EUR - €1,400 EURPassed
Medusa AuctioneersDecember 14, 2022Sprundel, Netherlands

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Camille van Camp (Tongeren 1834 - 1891 Montreux), Jeune hollandaise au bord de la mer, signed with studio stamp (lower left), oil on canvas. 63,5 x 46 cm.

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Paintings, Silver, and European Porcelain

Medusa Auctioneers
December 14, 2022, 06:30 PM CET

Struikhei, Sprundel, Noord Brabant, 4714VC, NL


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