Lot 18: Chabad. Public Announcement from the Etrog Business, Regarding 'Chabad Appointees'. Jerusalem, 1912.

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January 15, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel

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Description: Public announcement regarding the Etrog business of the Kollel Chabad... R' Ch.A. Bichovsky and R. Ch. Begin, were removed from their posts'.Here is the background for this episode:'Kollel Chabad had split between the new 'Kollel Chabad HaMiyuchad' headed by the Admor of Bobruysk, and its appointees Rabbi Gershon Lipshitz, Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Levin and Rabbi Moshe Kazranovsky. The older kollel was headed by Admor Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Schneersohn, and his appointees were R' Mordechai Schlank, Rabbi Mordechai Dovber Slonim and Menachem Mendel Naeh. Rabbi Chaim Elazar Bichovsky accused the Kollel Chabad's appointees and their leaders of misappropriating the proceeds from the etrog business. Therefore, two representatives from outside of the country were appointed - from both kolleim, to check the ledgers, where they found that everything was on the level. The Kollel Chabad then issued this notice, signed by 204 members of chabad, describing the chain of events, and the decision to remove Bichovsky and Begin from their positions. Presently business money should be sent to Rabbi Slonim and Rabbi Schlank.Jerusalem, Tevet, 1912.One large leaf. 60:46 cm. Tears in the fold, slightly blemishing text.
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