Charles (1873) Sims (1873 - 1928)

Lot 131: CHARLES SIMS 1875-1928


December 14, 2006
London, United Kingdom

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Description: IN ELYSIUM

61 by 92 cm., 24 by 36 ½ in.

signed l.r.: SIMS

oil on canvas


Sims was an artist who in his prime, before an emotional breakdown in his later life, was able to create a unique magical world in his highly romantic paintings. Sunlight floods his paintings which were often of subjects from classical mythology or literature. The subject of the present picture is difficult to decipher although it is clearly intended to depict an Arcadian view of classicism. The standing figure's pose is reminiscent of depictions of the deserted Ariadne waving from shore as her lover Theseus departs. However Ariadne was left alone on Naxos and the presence of the two children makes this identification unlikely. It is more likely that the scene is a loosely lyrical suggestion of mythical romance than any specific scene or characters.
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Victorian & Edwardian Art

December 14, 2006, 12:00 AM GMT

London, United Kingdom