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Description: Eichenstein, Tzvi Hirsch of Zyditchov. Seder Hagadah shel Pesach, with Festival prayers - extracted from the Siddur Reb Asher. Prepared by Asher ben Solomon Zalman Margaliouth (a disciple of R. Chaim of Sanz). THE R. TZVI HIRSCH EICHENSTEIN of Zyditchov copy, with lengthy Kabbalistic marginal notes ascribed in his and other hands on a full 24 pages. ff. 36 (numbered 64-99 in pencil). Light wear and stains through use, worming expertly repaired. Modern elegantly tooled calf. 8vo. Vinograd, Lemberg 45.
• The Hagadah extracted from the Reb Asher Siddur. The personal copy belonging to R. Tzvi Hirsch Eichenstein the founder of the Zyditchov Chassidim with his notes. Of the utmost importance.
The famed R. Asher Siddur, with it's many Lurianic Kavanoth was held in the very highest esteem by Chassidim and used extensively by the Rebbes of the Zyditchover dynasty, especially on Holidays.
The manuscript notes in this Siddur were published by the Rebbe of Koson, R. Tzvi Elimelech Paneth (Bnei Brak, 2011). Rabbi Paneth explains in his introduction he entitled these notes and comments "Atereth Tzvi" as most are ascribed to R. Tzvi Hirsch Eichenstein, author of the "Atereth Tzvi". Moreover they parallel both the style and exact content of his other works on these topics. Of particular note see f. 86b where he cites comments he personally heard from his teacher the Chozeh of Lublin: "Shamati Me'Adoni Mori VeRabbi HaRav HaTzadik Butzina Kadisha Moreinu HaRav R. Y[aakov] Y[itzchak] Me...Lublin" (I heard from my teacher... the Tzadik, the holy light ... of Lublin). He then proceeds to recount a brilliant insight into the kabbalistic concepts of light and darkness. As for the notes in other hands, R. Paneth attributes them to other Tzadikim who utilized this Hagadah in addition to R. Hershele of Zyditchov.
R. Tzvi Hirsch Eichenstein (1763-1831) founded the Zyditchov Chassidic dynasty. His primary mentor was the Chozeh of Lublin, R. Jacob Isaac Horowitz. Known as the "Sar Beth HaZohar," R. Tzvi Hirsch was considered the outstanding kabbalist of the Chassidim, his most famous work being "Atereth Tzvi" (Lemberg, 1834), a commentary to the Zohar. Two of his major disciples were his nephew R. Isaac Safrin of Komarno and R. Meir Leibush Malbim. He maintained that an understanding of Chassidism was not possible without a deep understanding of Kabbalah. See M. Braver, Tzvi LaTzadik (1931)
R. Yitzchak Isaac Eichenstein the Rebbe of Kviasht, great-grandson of R. Tzvi Hirsch Eichenstein of Zyditchov who meticulously copied these important notes for use by the editor.
Handwritten manuscripts of R. Hershele of Zyditchov are entirely not to be found.
(Lemberg, Solomon Rapaport, 1787).
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