Lot 53: Chinese Bodhisattva carved stone head, 6th century AD.

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Description: Chinese Bodhisattva carved stone head, 6th century ADA 6-th Century Chinese Stone Head Of Buddha, carved stone Bodhisattva head with serene expression, downcast eyes and full lips flanked by elongated ears, the Buddha with tiara, with hole 17-mm deep to head back. There are two birds, sitting on each brow. Birds may have meaning of purity and high spiritual values, which Bodhisattva achieved during meditation.Age: Attributed to Southern and Northern dynasties 386-589 AD or Sui Dynasty 581-618 AD;Height: 4 in. = 11.5 cm;Width; 3 in. = 9 cm;Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz. = 800 g;Condition: fine, some wear and insignificant scratches. There is a fixed stable horizontal crack at the base of the head, all the way around the neck.Provenance: From a prominent Atlanta Collection. Originally came from the Collection of Henry Francis Thompson. Henry Thompson an importer of Asian Art and antiques and co-founder of the Bollentin and Thompson oriental Rugs, acquired the artifacts during several round the world trips to and after World War I, between 1900 and 1920. The items on this auction were left to Thompsons son - Charles Rose Thompson. A graduate of the Princeton University, Charles Rose Thompson, briefly lent the collection to the Princeton University Art Museum in the 1960s. Later, it has remained in his collection until his death in 1975. References:Buddhism during Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 to 589) and Sui Dynasty (589618 CE)Chn: pointing directly to the mindIn the 5th century, the Chn (Zen) teachings began in China, traditionally attributed to the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, a legendary figure.[note 2] The school heavily utilized the principles found in the Lakvatra Stra, a stra utilizing the teachings of Yogcra and those of Tathgatagarbha, and which teaches the One Vehicle (Skt. Ekayna) to buddhahood. In the early years, the teachings of Chn were therefore referred to as the ""One Vehicle School.""[33] The earliest masters of the Chn school were called ""Lakvatra Masters", for their mastery of practice according to the principles of the Lakvatra Stra.The principle teachings of Chn were later often known for the use of so-called encounter stories and koans, and the teaching methods used in them. Nan Huai-Chin identifies the Lakvatra Stra and the Diamond Stra (Vajracchedik Prajpramit Stra) as the principle texts of the Chn school, and summarizes the principles succinctly:The Zen teaching was a separate transmission outside the scriptural teachings that did not posit any written texts as sacred. Zen pointed directly to the human mind to enable people to see their real nature and become buddhas.[34]BodhisattvaIn Buddhism, a bodhisattva (Sanskrit: bodhisattva; Pali: bodhisatta) is an enlightenment (bodhi) being (sattva). Traditionally, a bodhisattva is anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.[1] According to Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is one of the four sublime states a human can achieve in life (the others being an Arhat, Buddha, or Pratyekabuddha).The bodhisattva is a popular subject in Buddhist art. Usage of the term Bodhisattva has evolved over time. In early Indian Buddhism, for example, the term bodhisattva was primarily used to refer specifically to the Buddha in his former lives.[3][4] The Jatakas, which are the stories of his lives, depict the various attempts of the Bodhisattva to embrace qualities like self-sacrifice and morality.
Condition used, scratches all over and chips in the area of the nose;

Low Estimate: 20000.0;
High Estimate: 100000.0;
Original: Yes;
Circa: 500;
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