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Lot 84: Circle of Peter Flötner (c.1485-1546), Workshop of Pankraz Labenwolf (1492-1563),

Est: £500 GBP - £1,000 GBPSold:
SpinkJanuary 24, 2008London, United Kingdom

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Circle of Peter Flötner (c.1485-1546), Workshop of Pankraz Labenwolf (1492-1563), 'Meister des Nürnberger Rathausputto'
Four Putti with attributes of the Muses
, four rectangular silver plaquettes, Calliope, 48.5mm. x 36mm.; Clio, 50mm. x 32.5mm.; Euterpe, 48mm. x 33mm.; and Polyhymnia, 49.2mm. x 35mm., old silver casts of these famous plaquettes, all darkly toned, incuse on the reverse

Caliope, a putto, seen from behind, walking to the left, holding a writing tablet and pointing with his finger, a house in the distance, CALI - OPE across the upper field

Clio, a putto, seen from the front, standing amidst books scattered on the ground, pointing down to the right, in the distance a building with a pediment and a tower; I - CLIO across the upper field

Euterpe, a putto, seen from the front, walking to the left and playing the recorder; behind him a set of organ pipes; EVT - ERPA across the upper field

Polyhymnia, a putto walking to the right, playing the lute, another lute on the ground in front of him, POL - IMNIΛ across upper field

Lange, 29, 30, 31 and 36; Leitschuh pl. XVII, nos. 114, 115, 116 and 120; Weber 71.3, 71.4, 71.2 and 71.6


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An Important Collection of Renaissance Medals & Plaquettes

January 24, 2008, 02:00 PM GMT

69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London, LDN, WC1B 4ET, UK