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Dennis C. Numkena (1941 - 2010)

Lot 174: Dennis Numkena, Hopi (b.1941)


November 30, 1999
New York, NY, US

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BADGER KACHINAS, oil on canvas, unframed, signed in the lower center: "Dennis Numkena". 36Ain. by 46in. (93.3cm. by 116.8cm.) Cf. McCoy, 1989, pp. 38-43, the artist remarks: "There's beauty in bleakness. The environment is stark but there's a lot of beauty in it. Just watching the shadows move across the mesas, the way shapes and colors change...Most of my paintings depict what I think should be 'Indian architecture', whatever that means. My responsibility as an artist and architect is to define what Indian architecture should be about-not just the Hopi side of it, but architecture in its most contemporary way. I really can't put it into words.".

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