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Dezsoe Koenig (1902 - 1972)

Lot 1236: DEZSO KOENIG Signed Oil Painting Hungarian South African Art

Gilden's Art Gallery

June 15, 2017
London, United Kingdom

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1902-1972, Hungarian South African

Urban Landscape
oil on card
60 x 44 cm
signed lower right
Condition: good condition, framed in its original frame, some minor damage to the frame.

Dezso Koenig was born in Budapest, Hungary, 1902. He emigrated to South Africa from Hungary in 1931. After his training at the Hungarian Academy in Budapest he won a scholarship which allowed him to study further in Germany, France and Italy. Although he exhibited frequently in South Africa, as well as in New York, Paris, Milan, Israel and London, where he received glowing reviews in the British Press, his reputation has been obscured since his death.
Koenig was determinedly a figurative painter, concentrating on figure studies, still life, landscape and especially the urban landscape. A few of his non-South African works reveal a nostalgia for his Eastern European origins and a flirtation with a modernist style vaguely reminiscent of Marc Chagall. His preference for figuration would account for his poor representation in South African art museum collections, since the period of his greatest activity here coincided with the belated arrival of Modernism, abstraction and formalist taste in official art circles.
He died in Johannesburg, 1972

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Ecole de Paris

Gilden's Art Gallery
June 15, 2017, 4:00 PM BST

London, United Kingdom

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