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Domenico Puligo (1492 - 1527)

Lot 228: Domenico Puligo (1492 - 1527 Florence), circle of


April 16, 2008
Vienna, Austria

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Domenico Puligo (1492 - 1527 Florence), circle of / cerchia The Virgin and Child, the latter presenting a rose to the Infant Baptist / Madonna con bambino e San Giovanni Battista, oil on panel, 41.5 x 31 cm, framed, (Wo) Without reserve Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini, known as Domenico Puligo, was trained in the workshop of Ghirlandaio. He developed a style of his own that was inspired by Andrea del Sarto. His works unite the compositions of early Florentine Mannerism and a tenderness of expression that is actually based on Del Sarto's art. They resemble those of his fellow student Michele Tosini, whose compositions, however, are more rigid and mannered, lacking Puligo's softness. Puligo modelled his motifs in a virtuoso manner through the employment of white highlights, such as in the hair of the Madonna and the Christ Child. Although he usually produced variations of paintings by Del Sarto, the present composition does not directly refer to a specific work by the latter. The head of the Christ Child also appears in Puglio's a painting of the triumphant Virgin in the chapel of S. Maria Maddalena de'Pazzi in Florence. Literature: comp. Bernard Berenson, Italian Pictures of the Renaissance Florentine School, 2 vols., London 1963, vol. 1, pp. 183-85, vol. 2, 1415.

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