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Domenico Puligo (1492 - 1527)

Lot 89: * DOMENICO PULIGO FLORENCE 1492 - 1527


January 26, 2005
New York, NY, US

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black chalk with touches of white chalk on greyish blue paper


280 by 210 mm; 11 by 8 1/4 in


This previously unattributed study is closely related to the painting by Puligo now in the museum of Palazzo Martelli, Florence (fig. 1). Although quite highly finished, the drawing does differ from the painting in various details: in the head and left hand of the Madonna, the gaze of the Christ Child toward the Angel to the right, the position of His right foot, the draped cloth the Madonna is holding with her right hand, and the hair of the angel to the left.

This is an extremely interesting addition to the very small corpus of drawings associated with Puligo. Anna Forlani Tempesti, in her essay 'Sul Puligo disegnatore' in the Florence exhibition catalogue (op. cit., pp. 54-64), examines all the known material associated with the artist and finds no autograph drawings connected to his paintings. Only a handful of drawings are mentioned in old collections under his name and recent scholarship has added very little to an understanding of his graphic style. The discovery of the present study, with its clear connection to a painting, is therefore extremely significant, and also reveals new aspects of his style. It is less influenced by Andrea del Sarto than are the red chalk studies generally attributed to Puligo, and it shares similarities with other paintings by the artist. It is also interesting to compare the physiognomy of the Child Christ with that of Cleopatra in the painting now in Budapest, which can be dated after 1515 (see Capretti and Padovani, op. cit., p. 76, cat. no. 6).

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