Gavin Gardiner Limited

December 12, 2012
London, United Kingdom

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Description: DWM A RARE 7.65MM 1902 GEORG LUGER PRESENTATION LUGER CARBINE, NO. 9110C 11 3/4-inch barrel with ramp bead fore sight, with three position rear sight graduated for 100, 200, 250 and 300 metres, the chamber inlaid with a gold presentation monogram of a stylised letter 'A' below a royal crown (possibly of Herzog Aribert von Anhalt), the toggle with DWM scroll, the rear link stamped with the rare 'GL' marking, the chequered walnut fore-end incorporating additional recoil spring, the frame with grip safety, safety and dismounting levers, retaining most of its original blued and straw finish overall, German nitro proof, shoulder stock and magazine missing It is believed that a special series of presentation carbines, numbered between 9105C and 9115C were built in 1902 for presentation by Georg Luger and DWM to important customers and clients. These pistols all bear Georg Luger's personal monogram on the rear toggle link and this only appears on pistols and carbines personally inspected and/or presented by Georg Luger. Other examples known to exist include numbers 9106C, possibly presented to Borschardt; number 9109C which was presented to Hiram Maxim; and another, 9112C with the unidentified initials 'HCR'. Provenance The pistol was given to Andre Noel, Governor of Konstanz in 1946 by the Prince of Furstenberg. The vendor states that upon his arrival in the region, the new Governor was shocked to find the occupying French troops preparing to hang the Prince. Enquiring what was going on it was explained that the Prince was to be hanged for his enormous lack of respect for hanging the French flag upside down. It did not take him long to resolve the issue by explaining that von Furstenberg's family banner is very similar to the French flag but with the colours reversed. Having saved the Prince's life Andre and the Prince became good friends and the Prince presented the Luger carbine in gratitude for having saved his life. Later a street was named Andrenoelstrasse in his honour. The pistol has remained in the same family since. This lot will not be available for viewing in London. It may be viewed by appointment at our office in West Sussex.
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Gavin Gardiner Limited
December 12, 2012, 2:00 PM GMT

London, United Kingdom

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