Edgar P Jacobs (1907 - 1983)

Lot 2: Edgar P. JACOBS (1904-1987) - Blake et Mortimer – Le secret de l’Espadon I

Huberty & Breyne Gallery

December 11, 2016
Bruxelles, Belgium

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Description: Indian ink for the page 46 of the album, prepublished in issue 32 of the second year of Tintin magazine of august 7, 1947.
30x40 cm.
Lombard, 1950.

Page 46 published in Journal Tintin no 32, on 7 August 1947, in the Secret de l’Espadon (The Secret of The Swordfish) series, which had been appearing in the Belgian weekly since its first issue, dated 26 September 1946.
Talking about the early days of the magazine and about this particular story, which spanned 140 pages in total, E. P. Jacobs said to François Rivière in 1975: “That was still the age of the great novel, the ‘High Epoch’ when it was possible to get away with anything.
Proof that what we were interested in was not, of course,the album but the way things unfolded like a story without end.
We’d go from one plot twist to the next and, quite simply, all that mattered was the suspense and how readers were reacting to the story” (Entretiens du Bois des Pauvres, Les Éditions du Crabe,
2000, p. 56).
Notes: Comics
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