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Lot 1700: EDMUND GEORG PIELMANN (1923 Frankfurt am Main - 1985 Heiden AR/Schweiz)

Est: €0 EUR - €0 EURSold:
Auktionshaus Rotherbaum OHGSeptember 25, 2022Hamburg, Germany

Item Overview


Öl auf Sackleinen, ¨Porträt eines jungen Mannes¨, unten links signiert ¨Pielmann¨, verso auf Keilrahmen Widmung von Claudia Pielmann an den Musikproduzenten Gerd Augustin, ca. 70x60cm, gerahmt (79,5x69,5cm), Firnis, craqueliert, rahmungsbedingter Farbabrieb

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Auction Details

136. Decorative Art Auction Part II

Auktionshaus Rotherbaum OHG
September 25, 2022, 10:15 AM CET

Mittelweg 162, Hamburg, Hamburg, 20148, DE


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a) As long as the catalog owner, auction participant and bidder do not express themselves to the contrary, they assure that they are only using the catalog and the objects from the Third Reich shown therein for the purposes of civic education, the defense against unconstitutional efforts, art or science, the research or teaching, reporting on current affairs or history or similar purposes (§§ 86a, 86 Penal Code). The auctioneer and the consignor only offer and deliver these items under these conditions.
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As of February 2022.

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Shipping Terms

Please let us know by email if you wish your goods to be shipped. We would then forward your goods to the shipping company/freight forwarders Mail Boxes Etc. 0116, Business Services Ghaemi e.K. (Friesenstraße 1, 20097 Hamburg, Fax (040) 23 16 6765, [email protected] « www.mbe.de/dembe0116.
Mail Boxes Etc. will take care of packaging and shipping and will write a separate invoice for their services (usually by email).