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Lot 173: Eli Ilan, untitled

Est: $0 USD - $0 USDPassed
The BidderApril 20, 2016Mazkeret Batia, Israel

Item Overview


Eli Ilan, untitled, bronze sculpture on a black Plexiglas, signed and numbered 9/10, height: 11 cm (not including the base).
אלי אילן, ללא כותרת, פסל ברונזה על בסיס פרספקס שחור, חתום וממוספר 9/10, גובה: 11 ס"מ(לא כולל הבסיס).

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The Bidder
April 20, 2016, 06:00 PM EET

Beit On street, Mazkeret Batia, Hashfela, 7683649, IL


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For shipping costs, please contact the auction house
In any case, the shipping costs are derived from the weight and size of the item and of course no shipment will be integrated shopping together when possible.