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Els Noordhoff

Lot 312: Els Noordhof Spring Harvest 1969 woodcut signed,

Watsons Auction House

May 18, 2010
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Els Noordhof
Spring Harvest 1969
signed, titled, numbered & dated 1969
270 x 345mm

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The Auctioneer will not be liable to the Vendor:
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15 Risk: The Auctioneer will not guarantee the safety of any Property or documents of provenance warehoused following sale, but undertakes to the Purchaser alone that the Auctioneer's premises are reasonably secure (but not measured in relation to the Property held) and to hold bailee's insurance.

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19 Watson's Payment Conditions:
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(b) Watson's are happy to give condition reports on specific Lots to the best of our ability, but they are only given as a guide not as a statement of fact refer clause 18(a).
(c) All Lots are to be taken away at the buyer's expense within TWO days from the date of sale.

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Watson's are happy to give condition reports on specific Lots to the best of our ability, but they are only given as a guide not as a statement of fact refer clause 18(a) of our Terms & Conditions.

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