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Emil Jacob Schindler (1842 - 1892)

Lot 300: Emil Jakob Schindler "(Vienna 1842-1892 Westerland


December 10, 2007
Vienna, Austria

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Emil Jakob Schindler "(Vienna 1842-1892 Westerland auf Sylt) Faade of the Neuberg Church in Styria 1868, signed Schindler, Oil on Board, 42 x 32 cm, framed, (Rei)" "Exhibited: Commemoration Exhibition of Emil Jakob Schindler, Vienna Knstlerhaus, November 1892." "Literature: Catalogue of the Commemoration Exhibition in Vienna, Knstlerhaus November 1892, 51. Catalogue for the Art Auction Anton Stckl, Vienna 25./26.2.1907, 46 with illustration in the Catalogue. Heinrich Fuchs, Emil Jakob Schindler, Fruits of an unusual Artistic Life, Vienna 1975, p 147, Catalogue no. 33 with illustration" "With an Attestation: By Prof. Heinrich Fuchs, August 1979"

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