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Emil Jacob Schindler (1842 - 1892)

Lot 532: Emil Jakob Schindler (Vienna 1842-1892 Westerland


April 16, 2008
Vienna, Austria

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Emil Jakob Schindler (Vienna 1842-1892 Westerland auf Sylt) Farmhands in a Pumpkin Field, Study from Plankenberg, c. 1888, signature-stamped, Oil on canvas, 39,5 x 49,5 cm, framed, (Rei) Attested and illustrated in: Heinrich Fuchs, Emil Jakob Schindler, Rewards of an Unusual Artistic Life, published privatedly Dr. Heinrich Fuchs, 1970, p 269, No. 694

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19th Century Paintings

April 16, 2008, 5:00 PM CET

Vienna, Austria