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Qianlong (1711 - 1799)

Lot 1029: EMPEROR QIANLONG (1711-1799)


May 26, 2014
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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EMPEROR QIANLONG (1711-1799) >Seven-character Poems in Running script<br>Hanging scroll >ink on wax paper<br>135.5 x 61.2 cm. (53 3/8 x 24 1/8 in.) >Inscribed and signed, with two seals of the Emperor<br>Dated spring, dingchou year of the Qianlong era (1757) >TRANSLATION OF THE POEM:<br>The spring, clean and fresh, resembles a shining mirror; >The breeze, caressing the surface, creates some ripples.<br>At night, it reflects half the thousand-year-old moon; >The bamboo patches around form shadows of dragons and phoenixes.<br>The view makes me reminisce about the story of Su Shi; >It also reminds me of the life of Li Shen.<br>If they saw me urging my horse forward to leave, >They would surely laugh and say that I was a philistine.<br>

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