James D. Julia

October 6, 2008
Fairfield, ME, US

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Description: *EXTREMELY RARE KORTH ANNO DOMINI 2000 MODEL DA REVOLVER WITH CASE. SN 2000-2. Cal. 357 Mag. Extraordinarily rare with only ten having been made during the year 2000 & had a suggested retail of $10,000 at that time. Reference Blue Book of Gun Values, Fjestad. This spectacular revolver has a 4-1/8" bbl similar to the Colt Python with ventilated rib, ramp front sight & adjustable rear sight. It has 6-shot cylinder with rebated rear face & smooth burl rosewood grips. Cylinder release is a serrated lever on right side of hammer & there is a small button on right forward side of frame which when depressed with cylinder open further releases cylinder for removal. Entire revolver is "PVD GOLD PLASMA COATED" and beautifully engraved with thistles having a fine punch dot background. Left side of bbl is marked in script "Anno Domini" and left side of frame is engraved "MM" in a circle of thistles. Right side of bbl is marked ".357 Magnum" and right side of frame has the Korth stylized "K" logo and the "KORTH" stamp. Back strap is engraved with serial number "2000-2". Accompanied by its orig black leatherette foam lined case with combination locks & the "KORTH" name on a plate on front. The Korth revolver is considered by many knowledgeable & experience people to be the single finest dbl action revolver ever made. CONDITION: Extraordinarily fine, appears to have been fired at least once from each chamber. Overall retains all of its orig gold finish & all of its orig finish on grips. Case is equally new. 4-35619 JR289 (6,000-10,000)
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