Lot 524: Facinated by the Middle Ages, Tony Sweeney made


April 30, 2013
Dublin 2, Ireland

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Description: Facinated by the Middle Ages, Tony Sweeney made his compilation ''Romantic Pairings from the Middle Ages who have been immortalized in Prose and Verse; Music and Song; Stage and Screen. Sir Lancelot & Guinevere Abelard & Heloise Robin Hood & Maid Marrion Dante & Beatrice Petrach & Laura Romeo & Juliet Books: -Romeo & Juliet, illustrated by Oliver Messel, London 1936, signed copy -Francesco Petraca, decorated cloth, Il Petrecha colla spositiore di Misser Giovanni Andreu Gesualdo, Venice 1541, old calf -The Trimphs of Francesco Petrach, London (John Murray) 1906, crushed calf -John Addington Symonds, Introduction to the Study of Dante, London 1872, 3/4 brown morocco -Howard Pyle, Some Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, New York (1954), 3/4 red morocco -Pope, Letters of Abelard and Heloise (10th Ed.), Dublin 1769, calf -and a quantity of recording of the relevant plays and music Provenance: The estate of Tony Sweeney
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