Lot 15: FDR and Cabinet Members Signed Envelopes

One of a Kind Collectibles Auctions, LLC

October 27, 2016
Miami, FL, US

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Description: Franklin Delano Signed Cover as Governor of New York, Plus some of his Presidential Cabinet Members, Collection of signed commemorative covers recognizing Franklin Roosevelt's early 1930s career as a significant American political leader and later President. These are all signed on airmail covers.First, a signed cover dated April 20, 1931, signed boldly as Governor of New York, also signed by pilot Bobbie Jewell. Next, a collection of 5 signed covers once he was elected President in March, 1933, by his Vice President, John N. Garner and 3 by cabinet members, including Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Cordell Hull, Secretary of Treasury W.H. Woodin, and Attorney General Homer Cummings. These covers are also signed by Pilot Frank R. Yager, who was known as one of the first airmail pilots to fly in the dark. Most in excellent condition. 3 1/2" x 6"
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