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Description: Spanish monarchs best known as the sponsors and patrons of Christopher Columbus. Manuscript DS in Spanish, signed “Yo el Rey,” [I the King] and “Yo el Reyna,” [I the Queen], one page, 6 x 9, May 2, 1503. In very good condition, with intersecting folds, slight toning

The King and the Queen
[To] Our appointed mayor in the city of Tordesillas. In order to render service to our persons and the good of our kingdoms, we have ordered that no one in our kingdoms be allowed to own a mule or a he mule without having a horse, according to what is expounded in the provision we are sending you. Accordingly, we order that you proclaim it and make it public in this town and adjoining lands and duly and diligently see that its carried out, imposing the penalties expounded therein to those that fail to comply, and that you inform us regularly on your proceedings, rendering us great service.

From Barcelona, May 2 of 1503.

I, the King (singnature)
I, the Queen (signature)

[Written] By order of the King and Queen, (signature) Fernand Álvares.
6" x 9"
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