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Qi Liangyi (1923 - 1988)


Arcimboldo Auctions

December 10, 2014
Prague 1, Czech Republic

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China, undated. 137 x 34.5 cm. Ink painting on paper. Framed. Inscription and signature: Fish and shrimps painted by Qi Zilong according to live models.Seals after the signature: 1. figural seal, 2. Qi wu (= fifth son of the Qi family), 3. Liangyi.Seal in the lower left: Dajiang zhi men (= student of a great master).

Artist or Maker

QI LIANGYI (1923-1988)

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Chinese Art & Antiques

Arcimboldo Auctions
December 10, 2014, 3:00 PM CET

Prague 1, Czech Republic

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