Lot 25: Five Egyptian terracotta funerary cones


October 20, 2005
London, United Kingdom

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Description: New Kingdom, circa 1550-1070 B.C.
The first example with the remains of three rows of text inscribed for the 'hereditary prince, nobleman overseer of the seal Min', 3¼in. (8.2cm.) diam., worn, the back of the cone cut-off; another cone with the remains of three columns of text inscribed for the 'king's son of Kush Merymose', 2¾in. (7cm.) diam., worn, cone missing; the third example with three columns of text also inscribed for Merymose, 25/8in. (6.8cm.) diam., some pink pigment remains, worn, cone damaged; the fourth example with four rows of text, inscribed for the 'overseer of the magazine of Amun Mahu, his sister chantress of Amun Mutemwiya', 2¾in. (7cm.) diam., the back of the cone cut-off, and a fifth cone with four rows of hieroglyphic text inscribed for 'the Osiris, fourth prophet of Amun Monthuemhat, his son of his body, prophet of Amun, Pasherenmut, engendered on the lady of the House Wedjarenes', Late Period, 26th Dynasty, circa 664-525 B.C., 3¼in. (8.2cm.) diam., some chips, the back of the cone cut-off (5)
For the first cone see M.F. Laming Macadam (ed.), A Corpus of Inscribed Egyptian Funerary Cones, Part I, plates (Oxford 1957), Macadam no.499. The second and third cones Macadam nos.169-170. The fourth cone Macadam no.440, and the fifth cone Macadam no.472.

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October 20, 2005, 12:00 AM EST

London, United Kingdom