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Lot 164: Four coloured battle drawings from life on the Russo-Turkish war (1828-1829)

Est: €2,000 EUR - €2,500 EURPassed
Czerny's International Auction HouseJune 20, 2024Sarzana (SP), Italy

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dating: Second quarter of the 19th Century provenance: France, Four beautiful hand-colored drawings from life depicting scenes of battles from the Russo-Turkish War (1828-1829). Each inscribed with details of the battles: 'La prise di Kars, le 25 juillet 1828'; 'Prise de Kale, et faubourge de Turnut le 24 janvier 1829'; 'Combat pres Sizepol, le 9 Avril 1829' and another less legible inscription 'La prise d'Alkb....., 27 Aout...'. The drawings are signed in red at the bottom right corner 'Le Pierre Copp...'. Numbered at the top: '19', '25', '45', and '51'. In a gilded wooden frame with modern passe-partout and under glass. The 'Peintres de bataille' were a small group of painters who followed armies into war with the aim of capturing particular moments of battles. This genre, known as 'Peinture de bataille', is a branch of art that focuses on representing battle scenes in great detail, often isolating a few combatants in a confined space (genre painting). Alternatively, as in our case, it offers a comprehensive view of the battlefield without necessarily highlighting individual fighters, focusing instead on the movements of the army as a whole (historical painting). dimensions 35 x 29 cm.

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Fine Antique Arms and Militaria from around the world

Czerny's International Auction House
June 20, 2024, 10:00 AM CET

Piazza V. Veneto, 17 - 19, Sarzana (SP), 19038, IT


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