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Francesc (1893) Domingo (1893 - 1974)


Sala de Ventas

October 15, 2013
Barcelona, Spain

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(Barcelona,1893-São Paulo,1974). "Bodegón con frutas", óleo sobre lienzo, 65x54 cm. Colección particular de Juan Dios Carreras de Barcelona.

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October Fine Art Auction

Sala de Ventas
October 15, 2013, 5:00 PM CET

Barcelona, Spain

Buyer's Premium


From: To: Increment:
€0 €99 €10
€100 €499 €20
€500 €999 €50
€1,000 €1,999 €100
€2,000 €4,999 €200
€5,000 €9,999 €500
€10,000 €19,999 €1,000
€20,000 €49,999 €2,000
€50,000+ €2,000

Extended Bidding

5 minutes/bid


Conditions for buying and selling

I. Derechos y obligaciones de Sala de Ventas Barcelona

A) .- The lots deposited for auction will be included in a catalogue and exhibited for seven to ten days before the auction, to enable potential buyers to view and examine them in detail.

B) .- The works of art and objects will be auctioned in the state in which they are found and Sala de Ventas Barcelona does not accept any complaints regarding repairs or damage even if these details have not been included in the catalogue. The pre-auction exhibition of lots is intended to allow examination of objects or works to be auctioned.

C) .- The descriptions of the lots and the information contained in the catalogue regarding authorship, authenticity, age and condition, are based on an exhaustive study by Sala de Ventas Barcelona team, but no responsibility for the accuracy of this information is taken. Any expression of Sala de Ventas Barcelona or its employees in a catalogue, outside it or even verbally, regarding the authorship, attribution, authenticity, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price, are only declarations of opinion. As is customary international law, Sala de Ventas Barcelona responsible for the veracity of these views and do not accept any liability as a result of them.

D) .- The statement, in working order, referred to a clock means it runs or contains all the pieces that allow it to run with a repair. In no event shall Maple Auctions liable for damage caused to windows and picture frames.

E) .- Sala de Ventas Barcelona, its employees and agents are not liable for damage or loss of goods caused by :
- Third parties acting with the consent of the depositor-seller.
- Conditions or flaws inherent in the property.
- Changes in humidity or temperature, or errors in handling.
- War, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination, flood or any other natural phenomenon.

F) .- Sala de Ventas Barcelona reserves the right to refuse admission to its premises or facilities, and also reserves the right to refuse the attendance of a specific people in any of their auctions. Also, the auctioneer has absolute discretional authority to reject any bid. The use of these rights is at the discretion of Sala de Ventas Barcelona.

G) .- Sala de Ventas Barcelona reserves the right, at their discretion and without explanation, to reject bids, split lots, combine two or more lots, remove one or more lots in the auction and, in cases of disagreement, offer them at auction again.

H) .- These Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the rules of Spanish Law. The mere act of participating in the auction as seller, buyer or bidder, implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Sales operations are understood to be held at the registered office of Sala de Ventas Barcelona, c/Aragón 528 , 08013 Barcelona. Any dispute shall be taken to the competent courts of Barcelona, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, in accordance with Article 55 of the LEC

II. Relationship with buyers

A) .- The highest bidder will be the buyer and will acquire the object auctioned at the price indicated at the hammer strike; plus the brokerage fees and VAT applicable. Any dispute arising shall be resolved by the Auction Director using his absolute discretion, to award the lot to whom he deems appropriate or by choosing to re-auction the lot at the same session or at the following one.

B) .- During the exhibition days prior to the action, Sala de Ventas Barcelona offers potential buyers written bid sheets, also included in the catalogue, in order to facilitate the acquisition of lots by stakeholders without them having to go to the auction. Such written bids can be delivered by hand or sent by letter or fax, stating in any case the auction price limit (before brokerage) for each lot for which they wish Sala de Ventas Barcelona to bid on their behalf and the necessary personal information (name, address, post code, telephone, fiscal ID number and signature). Bidding is not permitted from post office box addresses.
. Bids can also be made by e-mail ([email protected]), by filling in the Bid Submission form available on our website www.saladeventas.com. Auction room staff will confirm these bids by telephone; they are not valid without this prerequisite.
The lots will be awarded to the lowest price permitted by the other bids. In case of a tie amongst written bids, the one with the earliest date will win. If the tie is between telephone bid and a bid from the auction room, priority will be given to the written bid.
. Telephone bids or requests for telephone bidding will only be accepted only under the responsibility of the applicant and subject to confirmation, prior to the auction, by letter, telegram or fax. The mere act of requesting a phone call to bid live for a lot implies bidding for the starting price and, if this has been bid, covering the first bid above that price.
Neither Sala de Ventas Barcelona nor its employees nor its agents will be liable for negligence or any defect in the execution of bids delegated in them, nor for any failure in the telecommunications used make the bids.

C) .- Sala de Ventas Barcelona will charge to the buyer Value Added Tax on the royalties or brokerage for their mediation in the purchase.

D) .- The lots awarded to the buyer are available for collection by the buyer from Sala de Venta's offices for 7 days. The amounts charged to customers do not include transportation (which is always at the risk of the purchaser and should be insured), special packaging for transportation or additional insurance. These services can be provided on request and charged separately on the understanding that Sala de Ventas Barcelona takes no responsibility for any damages that might be suffered by any goods during transport (total or partial breakage, damage, loss, etc.), once they have left the Sala de Ventas Barcelona premises. The buyer will pay the full invoice for the lots assigned, comprising of the sum of the sale price, plus 15% by way of fees and VAT corresponding to the transaction. Buyers who wish to take away the lots awarded may do so withdraw at the end of the auction, whenever possible, by paying the full amount in cash. Lost cannot be handed over before the end of the auction. Lots can be collected during the seven days following the auction and must be removed within 15 days after the auction. After this time, the lots awarded will be sent to a bonded warehouse a the buyer's expense and storage fees charged at five euros per week per object or table and ten euros per week for furniture. Any losses suffered lots in this situation is the responsibility of the buyer. If the bid winner fails to pay the total amount of the transaction for the lot, the buyer shall anyway and always be responsible for paying Sala de Ventas Barcelona the corresponding commissions, and insurance expenses on the hammer price.

E). - The packaging and handling of assigned lots by Sala de Ventas Barcelona staff awarded Auctions is conducted exclusively as a favour to the clients, and in the case of fragile objects is a discretional service and under no circumstances shall Sala de Ventas Barcelona be responsible for any damage to glass or frames, regardless of the cause. Although Sala de Ventas Barcelona can recommend packers and transport companies, no responsibility is taken for any errors and oversights made by them.

F).- When outstanding payments have not been made by the buyer within 15 days following the conclusion of the auction, Sala de Ventas Barcelona will take all reasonable steps within its power to secure payment and report this fact to the seller. The delay in payment by the buyer of assigned lots will result in an increase due to interest charged at a rate of 1.5% per month.

G) .- The Buyer is responsible for any damage or loss that affects objects or lots that have purchased as from the time of the payment (regardless of whether or not the objects have left Sala de Ventas Barcelona premises). Neither Sala de Ventas Barcelona nor its employees or agents be liable for any damage or loss of any kind to suffer such objects, whether by flood, fire, robbery, theft, etc..

H). - In order to leave the Spanish territory, many of the lots included in the auction need explicit prior permission of the State Administration. All works of art with destinations in European Union countries are exempt from export taxes. Those buyers wishing to send their purchases beyond the Spanish territory, and requiring the explicit prior authorization of the Administration will have to request such authorization in the form and the requirements set out in the Regulations of the relevant law. In the case of request for authorization, the request will represent, in effect, an irrevocable offer of sale to the Spanish State, which may be taken up.

I) .- Sala de Ventas Barcelona, in accordance with the Spanish Historical Heritage Law 16/85 of 25 June, will inform the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Culture, with the requisite prior notice, of the content of their catalogues. On goods subject to the law 16/85, the Administration may exercise its right of first refusal at the sale at auction, by the appearance of a representative of the Ministry of Culture in the auction, which, once the final hammer price of the property auctioned has been determined, may express the intention to use such right resulting in the suspension of the auction. When the sale is made by other means, the State may exercise its rights of first refusal within the statutory time limits in effect from the date of notified of the proposed sale or, failing such notification, as from the date of the actual knowledge of the sale. If the bidder fails to pay the total amount of the transaction for any lot, they shall always pay Arce Subastas the commissions, and insurance expenses on the hammer price will always correspond to the buyer.

III. Definition

Sala de Ventas Barcelona is a contracting centre whose objective is to sell by voluntary auction the goods, art objects or other such items deposited for this purpose, acting as mediator between the owner-seller and potential buyers.

IV. Relaciones comerciales

A) .- The depositor guarantees to Sala de Ventas Barcelona and the buyer that they are the owner of the goods deposited or to be deposited, and has full rights over them, or is validly authorized by the owner to dispose of them, being able to transfer the ownership to these, and also guarantees that the goods are free of pending payments or charges, and there are no claims on them from the authorities.

B).- Following study by the expert committee and valuation, and according with the owner, an opening price will be fixed for the goods presented, and this will be noted on the bill of sale for the items to be auctioned, that amount need not be related to the value of the item. The commission or percentage for Sala de Ventas Barcelona from the sale of these items will also be set, typically 15%.

C) .- The objects deposited with Sala de Ventas Barcelona for auction are not insured, so that any damage suffered (burglary, theft, loss, breakage, flood, fire, etc..) will be at the risk of the seller.
However, Sala de Ventas Barcelona offers an insurance policy for depositor-sellers which can be invoiced at the time of the settlement of the lots sold.

D).- The depositor grants Sala de Ventas Barcelona the right to photograph and reproduce any goods whose sale will be entrusted, in any form and at any time, whether or not associated with the auction. In the event that such reproduction involves the payment of intellectual property rights, the amount of this fee will be deducted from the settlement to the depositor-seller.

E) .- After signing the contract for the sale of items to auction the depositor-seller cannot unilaterally withdraw any of the pieces of their property transferred to Arce Subastas to be auctioned.
Unsold lots remain exposed for a week after the auction, for direct sales at the asking price, unless the owner gives other instructions explicitly. The unsold lots shall be removed from the premises of Sala de Ventas Barcelona by the depositor-seller within three days following the period of direct sale. From that time on, storage and insurance costs of 5 Euros per week for each object or painting, and 10 euros per week for each piece of furniture will be charged. The depositor-seller assumes all responsibility for any damage to, or loss of, deposited objects.

F) .- The depositor seller authorises Sala de Ventas Barcelona to re-auction unsold lots that have not been removed within the prescribed time period with a starting price 40% lower than that initially established.

G) .- The settlement to the seller of the lots sold at auction will be made after the thirty-fifth day after the auction was held, excluding August (normally paying begins on the first Tuesday of exhibition of the following auction), providing that the payment due for these lots has been made by the buyer. In the case of complaint by the buyer requesting the cancellation of sale due to deliberate misrepresentation, and if Sala de Ventas Barcelona believes that the claim is valid, the seller allows it to cancel the sale and return the buyer amount paid by him by way of purchase of the lot in question.
The depositor-seller will return to Sala de Ventas Barcelona any amount they might have received from this transaction, must pay the corresponding commissions, of both buyer and Seller, to Sala de Ventas Barcelona and will meet this responsibility with all their present and future assets. Once all payments related to the cancelled sale have been received by Sala de Ventas Barcelona, Sala de Ventas Barcelona will return the goods of the lot in question to the depositor-seller.

h) .- In case of theft, loss, damage or any other circumstance that affects a lot and prevents the completion of the sale, either before or after being auctioned, and whatever the hammer price achieved, Sala de Ventas Barcelona will pay the depositor-seller the minimum sale price agreed, less the corresponding commission and sales tax (IVA/VAT).

I) .- Both the seller and the buyer will meet the requirements of the Heritage Act, General Tax Law and Intellectual Property Law, which states the rights of artists and their heirs up to 60 years after the first of January following the death of the artist to collect from the seller 3% of the sale price, if the hammer price was higher than 300,000 Pesetas (1,803.04 Euros). Arce Subastas will retain this amount from the sellers payment in order to facilitate the fulfilment of this obligation and will settle the rights with the artist, the heirs or the accredited representatives.

J).- The seller accepts the payment conditions established by the Heritage Act in the case that the State exercises its right of first refusal on a piece.

Non-prescencial buying

I. Defects

We remind you that the catalogue descriptions are for guidance only. The state in which any item is found to be in during the exhibition is what counts, so we do not accept any complaints after the auction. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONSULT US ABOUT THE STATE OF AN ITEM PRIOR TO THE AUCTION.

II. Internet & fax

We only confirm the bids received on the day before the auction. For extra security we recommend confirming any offer by telephone.

III. Payments

"LA CAIXA": 2100/1125/97/0200080520
BANCO SANTANDER: 0049/4717/28/2116018404

Sala de Ventas Barcelona - Condiciones de subasta

I.-Actividad de la Sala de Subastas
Sala de Ventas Barcelona promueve y facilita operaciones de venta en subasta pública y voluntaria de los bienes, objetos artísticos o de similar naturaleza que le son encomendados para ese fin. La Sala actúa como mediadora entre el propietario y el comprador de cada lote. En su carácter de mediadora, la Sala se acomodará, en la subasta de objetos y obras de arte que se le entreguen para tal cometido, a las normas y disposiciones vigentes, así como los usos comerciales para los que tradicionalmente viene rigiéndose este tipo de operaciones.

II.-Estado de los lotes
Los lotes serán subastados en el estado que se encuentren, no aceptando la Sala ninguna reclamación sobre restauraciones, desperfectos, roturas etc., aunque no se hayan hecho constar en el catálogo. La exposición de los lotes previa a la subasta tiene por objeto posibilitar su perfecto examen y estudio por parte de los compradores. Los objetos que han de ser subastados podrán examinarse durante los días previos a la subasta, en la misma sala.

III.-Datos del Catálogo
Los datos contenidos en este catálogo relativos al autor, origen, antigüedad, procedencia y estado se incluyen tras una cuidadosa investigación, comprobación y asesoramiento, pero sobre su exactitud la Sala no acepta responsabilidad alguna. Los interesados deberán formarse sus propias opiniones respecto a las piezas, durante los días previos a la subasta.
No obstante la venta de un lote será rescindida y su precio devuelto al comprador, si este notifica por escrito a Sala de Ventas Barcelona, dentro de los quince días siguientes a la celebración de la subasta, que el lote comprado es una falsificación deliberada, demostrando fehacientemente tal hecho.
La valoración está efectuada de acuerdo al más leal y buen entender.

IV.- Pesos, medidas, colores y purezas, etc.
Todos los pesos y medidas de las gemas son aproximados, por la imposibilidad de tomar mediciones exactas debido al engarce o diseño de la joya, el COLOR y PUREZA de los diamantes al estar engarzados sólo es a modo orientativo, ya que su plena determinación únicamente puede efectuarse DESMONTADOS (Artículo 7º Apartado 1º de la nomenclatura CIBJO).
Los relojes de pulsera y de bolsillo incluidos en este catálogo están en funcionamiento salvo indicación "precisa revisión".
Igualmente, las medidas de los muebles y objetos se emiten con la mayor precisión posible pero, por las características formales de muchos de ellos, deben ser aproximadas.

V.- Servicios de información y asesoramiento
Sala de Ventas Barcelona pone a disposición de los visitantes de la Sala, durante los días de la exposición un servicio de asesoramiento que informará sobre el estado de conservación de la pieza, el autor, precios de mercado o cualquier otro dato disponible sobre la totalidad de los lotes incluidos en el catálogo de la subasta. El asesoramiento se prestará conforme el razonable y prudente juicio de la Sala, pero sin que esta asuma responsabilidad alguna en cuanto al contenido de la información.

VI.- Disposiciones legales
El comprador cumplirá con lo estipulado con la Ley Vigente, en particular con la Ley de Patrimonio, la Ley General Tributaria y la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual.
Las operaciones en que intervienen la Sala, en cuanto a su calificación jurídica y efectos consiguientes, quedan sometidas a las disposiciones del Derecho Español y más en concreto a las estipulaciones que regulan los contratos de mediación y depósito. En caso de discrepancias entre las partes, por razón de las operaciones de subasta, el vendedor, el comprador y la propia Sala, con renuncia a cualquier otro fuero que pudiera corresponderles, se someterán a la jurisdicción de los Juzgados y Tribunales de Barcelona.
Algunas de las obras de arte incluidas en la subasta necesitan solicitar licencia de exportación en caso de traslado al extranjero. En los casos necesarios, Sala de Ventas Barcelona tramitará la solicitud, siempre que el comprador no indique lo contrario. En caso de transporte fuera de la UE, el comprador se compromete a abonar las tasas correspondientes.


VII.- Dirección y Mesa de la Subasta
La subasta será dirigida por el Director de Subasta, quien dispondrá de las máximas facultades y plena autoridad para decidir sobre la adjudicación de los lotes y para dirimir cualquier controversia que pudiera surgir entre los licitadores. Sus decisiones serán inapelables.
El Director de Subasta podrá pujar en representación de las ofertas recibidas por escrito, telefónicamente o por cualquier otro medio aceptado por la Sala. En las pujas recibidas por escrito durante la exposición de la subasta los lotes se adjudicarán al precio más bajo posible.

VIII.- Precio de Salida
En toda subasta el precio inicial de venta de cada objeto u obra de arte será el anunciado en el catálogo. Este constituirá el precio mínimo de venta, salvo en aquellos casos excepcionales en que se pueda pactar una reserva con el vendedor.

IX.- Pujas El orden de pujas será el siguiente:
Hasta 100 € las pujas serán de 10 €
De 100 € hasta 500 € las pujas serán de 20 €
De 500 € hasta 1.000 € las pujas serán de 50 €
De 1.000 € hasta 2.000 € las pujas serán de 100 €
De 2.000 € hasta 5.000 € las pujas serán de 200 €
De 5.000 € hasta 10.000 € las pujas serán de 500 €
De 10.000 € hasta 20.000 € las pujas serán de 1.000 €
De 20.000 € hasta 50.000 € las pujas serán de 2.000 €
A partir de 50.000 € a criterio del Director de Subasta

La Sala se reserva el derecho a modificar, en casos concretos este sistema de pujas, así como rechazar cualquier puja sin necesidad de justificación.

X.- Adjudicación de lotes
Los lotes serán adjudicados al mejor postor. En caso de desacuerdo entre dos o más licitadores sobre la cantidad que ha constituido la puja más alta, el Director de la Subasta tendrá la facultad de adjudicar el lote a quien a su exclusivo juicio estime pertinente o de decidir una nueva subasta de dicho lote en la misma sesión o bien en la inmediata siguiente.
Las ofertas realizadas por escrito, en caso de igualdad, prevalecerá la recibida en primer lugar, por orden de fecha y hora.
Las ofertas recibidas por teléfono tendrán la misma consideración que las pujas realizadas en la Sala. La Sala puede realizar ofertas en nombre de personas ausentes en la Subasta y aceptar ofertas telefónicas, pero no puede responsabilizarse de cualquier error u omisión que pudiera producirse en el transcurso de las mismas.
Las ofertas telefónicas asumen el precio de salida.

XI.- Gastos de Transporte
Si el comprador solicitara a la Sala el envío de los objetos, los gastos de este servicio serán por su cuenta, siendo así mismo de su exclusiva responsabilidad los daños que pudieran ocasionarse durante el transporte. Las tarifas vigentes para este servicio podrán ser consultadas a la Sala antes de su realización. El seguro que cubre los posibles daños causados en el transporte, irá a cargo del comprador. Sala de Ventas Barcelona no se hará responsable de los posibles daños, una vez los objetos no se encuentren en la sala.


XII.- Comprobación de los Lotes
Durante el periodo de exposición de los lotes y en los locales de Sala de Ventas Barcelona, todo aquel que desee participar en la subasta tendrá derecho a comprobar por sí mismo o por los expertos que estime convenientes, la autenticidad, la época, la atribución, el estado y cuantos detalles quieran de la pieza a subastar. No se aceptará reclamación alguna sobre restauraciones, desperfectos aunque no se hayan hecho constar en el catálogo.

XIII.- Referencias
Sala de Ventas Barcelona se reserva el derecho de solicitar referencias de quienes tengan la intención de participar como licitadores en una subasta. Igualmente podrá requerir del adjudicatario siempre que lo estime necesario referencias bancarias u otro tipo de garantías. Si es la primera vez que se acredita para participar en la subasta, sea en la sala o mediante ofertas escritas o telefónicas, tendrá que presentar a la Sala su DNI o CIF, o enviarnos previamente una copia del mismo por fax o por e-mail. Los datos que los compradores dejarán al momento de la acreditación en la Sala, o al dejar cualquier tipo de oferta, serán los mismos que aparecerán en la factura de compra, sin posibilidad de modificación, es decir, los datos del ofertante o acreditado deberán coincidir con los del titular de la factura.

XIV.- Pagos
El comprador abonará el importe de los lotes adquiridos a partir del día siguiente de la celebración de la Subasta y en un plazo no superior de 10 días.
El importe de adjudicación de un lote se incrementará en un 15% en concepto de derechos o corretaje de la Sala por su mediación en la operación, más el IVA vigente sobre dicha comisión.
Cuando el importe de la adjudicación más los derechos correspondientes no hubiere sido abonada por el comprador en los 25 días siguientes a la subasta, la Sala realizará todas las gestiones a su alcance con la finalidad de conseguir el pago de las cantidades pendientes e informará de este hecho al vendedor. Si dichas gestiones no son satisfactorias, el vendedor podrá optar por sacar de nuevo a subasta el objeto o por iniciar los trámites previos a la acción judicial, confiriendo su representación a la Sala y a sus abogados para entablar la pertinente reclamación judicial. Será por cuenta del cedente la totalidad de los gastos y suplidos que pudieran derivarse de la reclamación judicial.
Sala de Ventas Barcelona estará facultada para retener los objetos vendidos hasta que todas las cantidades que se adeuden a Sala de Ventas Barcelona hayan sido íntegramente satisfechas mediante transferencia bancaria o efectivo y hasta que el comprador haya satisfecho aquellos otros términos que a nuestra entera discreción podamos solicitar. Con sujeción a los mencionados requisitos, el comprador recogerá los lotes adquiridos en un plazo de 10 días a partir del día siguiente de la Subasta.

XV.- Ley Protección de Datos
En cumplimiento de la LO 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, el cliente autoriza a Sala de Ventas Barcelona, a la incorporación de sus datos en un fichero de clientes, así como para la promoción por parte de Sala de Ventas Barcelona de los objetos en cada momento ponga a disposición de sus clientes o público en general. El cliente podrá ejercer el derecho de acceso, rectificación o cancelación de sus datos personales dirigiendo la oportuna solicitud a la siguiente dirección: Calle Rosselló, 212 bajos, 08008 Barcelona.

XVI.- Aceptación condiciones.
Todo tipo de participación en la subasta supone la total aceptación del presente reglamento.

Shipping Terms

Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense