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Description: conference table for the Chiat/Day Temporary Offices, Venice, California
J.A. Stewart Construction (general contractor for project) USA, 1986
Dimensions: 253 w x 64 d x 31.25 h inches
Medium: pine, laminate
Notes: The temporary offices of Chiat/Day were housed in a 42,000 square foot warehouse. One of Gehry's defining features within the interior was a fifty four foot fish formed of wooden ribs and clad in sheet metal that created the main conference room and housed this conference table. The table comprised of six individual segments. Each segment is illuminated from the underside and is on wheels. Literature: GA Document 32, Futagawa, pg. 24 illustrates this example Frank O. Gehry: The Complete Works, Dal Co, Forster, pgs. 336-339 discusses the project, table illustrated pg. 338
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