FRASCA' NATO (n. 1931)

Lot 107: FRASCA' NATO (n. 1931) Rebis (couple).

Capitolium Art

November 30, 2016
Brescia , Italy

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Description: FRASCA' NATO (n. 1931). Rebis (couple).. Unique piece. Nato Frascà Archives authenticity certificate on photo. Nato Frascà, between 1967 and 1971 discovered and experienced the form "Rebis", which is one of series of his best known works, logged and appreciated by critics. Since Rebis "matrix", also subsequently to 1971, are designed and produced a series of works in which the original form is combined with 2, 3, 5, up to 10 elements. Through some of these combinations are made, as well as sculptures for exhibitions, a series of design objects and furniture, also the result of collaboration with design and architecture firms. In particular, a number of artists, including Frascà, collaborate with the "Ripetta Group", whose headquarters was in Piazza Farnese in Rome, presenting their prototypes and the catalog of objects to be produced on request at an exhibition in 1977. The "Rebis table" belongs to this type, which is also present in the list of series of works cited in the Archives. This piece made for Mario Di Donato is part of this series; the two "Rebis" used, are the basis for tables that could be produced in wood, glass and other materials. The structural characteristics of the "Rebis", is a form derived from the union of four of the six internal to the cube diagonal, allow to easily support the weight of any material chosen. The "Rebis" have precise and particular building types, and their realization was made possible only by the close cooperation between the craftsmen which the artist chose, and the artist himself. The pair of works was of black origin and has been restored to the original iron as well as the Frascà Archives indicated. . Cm 142,00 x 71,00 x 65,00. 1977
Dimensions: Cm 142,00 x 71,00 x 65,00
Artist or Maker: FRASCA' NATO (n. 1931)
Medium: Iron sculpture
Date: 1977
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