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Ganku (1749 - 1838)

Lot 158: GANKU (1756?-1838): TIGER

Galerie Zacke

May 24, 2014
Vienna, Austria

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Ink on paper. Japan, about 1800A powerful tiger painted with virtuous strokes to seize our attention. The animal is painted only with the front part of the body and set under a lightning that is striking from above. The tiger, also named tora is the symbol for power, courage and smoothness, the symbol of a true samurai spirit. Ganku was the founder of the Kishi school. He wasactive for the imperial palace in Kyto and later moved to Kanazawa. He was bestowed the title Echizen no Kami. This painting comes from a very fine collection. Signed tothe lower left GANKU 岸駒and sealed KAKAN GANKU. Kakan(do) was one of his pseudonyms. Old brocade mounting of the period, with bone rollers, very good condition.PAINTING 98x 35 CM, SCROLL 181 x 47 CMFrom a German private collection

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Asian Art

Galerie Zacke
May 24, 2014, 5:00 PM CET

Vienna, Austria

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