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George Hamilton Barrable

Lot 74: George Hamilton Barrable


June 9, 1999
New York, NY, US

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fl.1873-1887 the foolish virgins signed l.l.: G.H.BARRABLE oil on canvas 165 by 114cm., 65 by 45in. George Hamilton Barrables painting illustrates Christs parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, as it occurs in the Gospel of St Matthew (25:1-13). Ten virgins were to attend a marriage. As they were to wait outside the bridegrooms house, they took lamps with them, but five of their number - the foolish virgins - forgot to bring oil with which to prime the lamps. When at midnight the bridegroom was about to arrive, the foolish virgins realised that they were without oil. Thus the wise virgins went to the wedding feast, but the others who had to rush off to get more oil were left outside. The story was intended as a reminder that men and women should be prepared at all times for the coming of the Lord, and concludes with the edict: Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the time nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. Other British artists of the second half of the nineteenth century who treated this Bible subject were Edward Burne-Jones (in a stupendous pen and ink drawing of 1859 (Private collection)), and Frank Dicksee (in the painting subtitled Too late! Too late! Ye cannot enter now!of 1883 (Leicester City Museums)). Provenance: Sothebys Belgravia, 20 March 1979, lot 244 Private collection.

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