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George Louis Leclerc Bufon (1707 - 1788)

Lot 81: George Louis Leclerc Bufon (1707-1788), French


February 24, 2011
Toronto, ON, CA

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George Louis Leclerc Bufon (1707-1788), French FOUR STUDIES OF LARGE GAME: L'ONCE; LA PANTHERE FEMELLE; LE TZEIRAN; LE PASAN (FROM HISTOIRE NATURELLE GENERALE ET PARTICULIERE DU CABINET ROI - COLLECTION DE PLANCHES D HISTOIRE NATURELLE ENLUMINEES), 1766-1799; Four handcoloured engravings with letters drawn by De Seve, engraved by C.F. Fritzsch. Published by Buffon in 1789. Contained in burled veneered wood frames. Plate 8.1" x 6.7" - 20.5 x 17 cm.; 16" x 14" - 40.6 x 35.6 cm.

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