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Georges Braque (1882 - 1963)

Lot 233: GEORGES BRAQUE, 1882-1963


October 20, 2004
London, United Kingdom

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oil on canvas

Painted in 1943.


19.5 by 33.5cm.; 7 5/8 by 13 1/4 in.


Galerie Maeght (ed.), Catalogue de l'oeuvre de Georges Braque, peintures 1942-1947, Paris, 1960, illustrated p. 62


Sale: Galerie Drouin, Paris, 9-17 February 1945 (donated by the artist in aid of Soviet ex-prisoners and deportees)
Acquired by the father of the present owner circa 1950


The present work is typical of the artist's response to the restriction of civil liberties and forced confinement in occupied France. Unlike his earlier still lifes that arranged objects of pleasure such as guitars, palettes, flowers and fruit, those executed during the repressive war years depict humble, domestic reality, the bare essentials of day-to-day existence: a solitary pichet, a sparse table top and an empty chair. In accordance with the sombre mood Braque shuns the brighter colours of the late 1930s and returns to the earthy hues of his Cubist period. The legacy of Cubism in the artist's later work is evinced here in the flattening of the pictorial plane and the rejection of perspectival space.

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October 20, 2004, 12:00 AM EST

London, United Kingdom

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