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Georges de Feure (1868 - 1943)

Lot 33: GEORGES DE FEURE (1868-1943)

Swann Auction Galleries

December 18, 2003
New York, NY, US

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L'HORLOGE / NAYA. Circa 1896. G. Bataille, Paris.


741/2x351/2 inches.

Condition Report

Condition B+: creases and minor paper loss along vertical and horizontal folds; repaired tears in margins and image. Two sheets.


De Feure is admired and collected for his mysterious, symbolic representations of women. In assessing his early watercolors and paintings, Maindron, in L'Affiche Francaise described them as "elegant, graceful, slightly melancholic," and he admired "the great harmony of colors" that he considered the epitome of "modernity and distinction." At the same time, in reference to de Feure's early posters, Maindron notes that they are "among the most remarkable in the past years [with a] variety and richness of tones." He also compliments Bataille, de Feure's printer, for "faithfully interpreting his warm and light colors." De Feure's early posters, done for long-forgotten music hall stars (Isita, Fonty etc) are wild splashes of movement and color. The incredibly rare Naya is an example of de Feure's flamboyance in his early years as an artist.

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