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Graham Durward (b. 1956)

Lot 21: GRAHAM DURWARD Scottish (b1956) 'New York Warrior' original charcoal on paper 1982

Peebles Auction House

January 6, 2020
Peebles, United Kingdom

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GRAHAM DURWARD Scottish (b1956) 'New York Warrior' original charcoal on paper 1982. Condition Report: Prior to bidding, please consult the additional photos provided and ask all pertinent questionsL: 102cm approx H: 136cm approx

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4.5 Sellers commission (Unsold lot sale - separate from the above main sale sellers commission)
The seller shall be charged a commission rate of 50% of the hammer price, with the addition of value added tax (if applicable) at the current rate on the said commission.

5. Auctioneers Right to Sell
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6.5 In no event will PAH be liable for damage to glass or picture frames whether forming the whole or part of any lot, or depreciation in value following repairable damage in any lot.

6.6 Until the goods are delivered to PAH, the risk remains with the seller

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7.1 PAH shall be entitled to sell lots at a hammer price of at least 90% of the reserve and/or at auctioneers discretion, unless the seller instructs PAH otherwise in writing prior to the commencement of the auction.

7.2 A fee of £3 will be charged for a reserve price to be placed on an item per auction, if the item sells at second or subsequent sale then no fee will apply to that sale.

8. Indemnity
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9. Value Added Tax
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12. Payment of sale proceeds to the seller
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12.1 If the buyer fails to pay the purchase price on the day of the auction this will result in forfeiture of the goods, which will then be re-entered into the next sale.

13. Rescission of the sale
If the buyer makes a claim to rescind the sale on the basis of condition 24.1 and in PAH opinion that claim is justified, or PAH decides to rescind the sale, PAH may rescind the sale without further reference to the seller and refund to the buyer any amount already paid in respect of the lot.

13.1 If the seller has received any monies in respect of the sale of a lot and that sale is rescinded, PAH has the right to recover such monies from the seller

14. Withdrawn lots
If the seller cancels his instructions for sale at any time, PAH reserves the right to charge a fee of 10% of either PAH upper estimate or the reserve on the lot (if one has been placed), in both cases plus VAT.

14.1 Upon withdrawal of the lot the seller shall arrange for the collection and removal of the lot at his own expense on or before two working days after the date of withdrawal. if the seller fails to remove the lot he shall pay to PAH the storage charges due.

14.2 Any legal fees, experts' fees and other expenses that PAH may incur investigating any claim concerning ownership of the lot shall be borne by the seller, who shall reimburse to PAH all such fees and other expenses on a full indemnity basis.

15. Unsold lots
If any lot fails to sell it is the vendors responsibility to collect the items within five days of the auction or instruct PAH to re-offer the lot for sale.

15.1 In the event that the seller fails to remove the lot within five days, the items will be automatically re-entered into our next available sale without prior notice and will be sold at best or disposed of at the auctioneers discretion.

15.2 If any lot fails to sell after two consecutive sales, it is the vendors responsibility to collect the items within five days of the second auction or daily storage fees and/or disposal fees will apply.


16. Inspection
Each buyer who makes a bid acknowledges that he has satisfied himself fully by inspection or otherwise as to all the sale conditions and description of the lot on which he or she bids including, but not restricted to whether the lot is damaged or has been repaired or restored.

17. Property and risk
No buyer shall acquire legal title to any lot or lots purchased by him until payment in full has been made. PAH shall be entitled to exercise a lien on any lot sold until the purchase price is paid in full. Each lot purchased (by a buyer) shall however be at the risk of the buyer of that individual lot from the fall of the hammer. Before making a bid each buyer shall be obliged to give his full name, permanent address and contact telephone number and is so requested by PAH (at their sole discretion) to immediately pay to them a proportion of the purchase price as they may require in their absolute discretion. In the event of any buyer failing to comply with the terms of this condition PAH shall be entitled to put the individual lot or lots in question for re-bidding and they may be re-sold.

18. Buyer as principal
Every bidder shall be deemed to be acting as a principal unless prior to the time of the auction there is a written acknowledgement by PAH to the effect that he is acting as an agent only on behalf of a named and disclosed principal.

19. The Buyer
Any dispute as to who is the buyer of any lot shall be settled by PAH.

20. Removal of goods
No goods purchased shall be claimed or removed until they have been paid for in full. All goods purchased shall be paid for and removed at the buyers risk and expense by a time no later than the end of the first working day after the sale, failing which PAH shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or theft of the goods and all lots not so removed shall remain at the risk of the buyer. In the event that any goods are not paid for and removed within seven days after the sale PAH shall be entitled to re-sell them by auction or privately without further notice to the buyer. PAH shall not be obliged to accept payment from a successful bidder other than in cash, debit cards or credit cards. Storage charges will apply to items not collected within two days of purchase unless by prior arrangement.

21. Buyers commission
The buyer shall be obliged to pay the hammer price together with a commission of 15% on the hammer price, in addition together with value added tax at the current rate on the said commission. The buyer acknowledges that PAH may also receive a commission from the seller in accordance with the foregoing terms of these conditions.

21.1 Buyers commission (Unsold lot sale)

The buyer does not pay any commission(s) on winning bids. Payment must be made at the time of sale unless alternative arrangements have been made with PAH management prior to the sale commencing.

22. VAT
Where VAT is payable by the buyer on the hammer price this is indicated in the catalogue by an asterix.

23. Commission bids
Prospective buyers are advised to attend in person auctions run by PAH. However PAH will if so instructed execute written bids up to a specified limit from prospective buyers sent by e-mail, or received by phone by PAH in advance of an auction or (at PAH discretion) bids by telephone made by or on behalf of prospective buyers before the auction. The buyer shall deliver any instructions regarding commission bids whether delivered by e-mail, telephone or in person to an employee of PAH, being PAH or an employee authorised to accept such instructions. Neither PAH nor its employees or agents will be liable for any neglect, default or failure to act in connection with any commission bids.

23.1 In the event that PAH has received commission bids on a lot for identical amounts and at auction those commission bids are the highest bids for the lot it is at PAH ultimate discretion that it shall be sold to the person whose commission bid was received first.

24. Liability of Peebles Auction House and the seller
Neither the seller, PAH or its employees or agents are responsible for errors of description (made either orally or in any catalogue) or for the genuineness or authenticity of any lot. No warranty whatsoever is given by PAH, its employees or agents by any seller to any buyer in respect of any lot and any express or implied conditions and warranties are hereby excluded.

24.1 Notwithstanding any other terms of these conditions, if within 14 days after the sale PAH has received from the buyer of any lot notice in writing that in his view the lot is a deliberate forgery, the buyer returns the lot to PAH in the same condition as at the time of sale then the sale will be rescinded and any amount paid in respect of the lot will be refunded, provided that the buyer shall have no right under this condition if;-

24.1.1 The buyer is not able to satisfy PAH that the lot is a deliberate forgery on the basis of evidence from experts;

24.1.2 The only method of establishing at the date of publication of the catalogue that the lot was a deliberate forgery was by means of scientific processes not generally accepted for use until after publication of the catalogue or a process which was unreasonably expensive or impractical, or;

24.1.3 The buyer is not able to transfer a good and marketable title to the lot free from any third party claims.

24.2 Any claim by a buyer under condition 24.1 shall be limited to any amount paid in respect of the lot and shall not extend to any consequential loss suffered by him as a result of the lot being a deliberate forgery.

24.3 The benefit of this condition shall not be assignable and shall only extend to the buyer, being the person to whom the original invoice was made out by PAH in respect of the lot when sold and who has since the sale retained uninterrupted, unencumbered ownership of that lot.

25. Payment
A prospective buyer must prior to an auction register to bid and give PAH his full name, permanent address and telephone number and if requested by PAH banking or other suitable references.

25.1 The purchase price must be paid to PAH within 7 days of the auction.

25.2 Full payment for all lots must be made to PAH by means of cash, debit card, credit card. Debit and credit card payments can only be accepted if the buyer is paying in person or within UK under £500 invoice total.

25.2.1 Buyers through Invaluable Auctions platform may pay through the card registered with the platform. If payment has not been made within 5 days with no communication on delays to payment, we will seek to take payment from your registered card.

25.3 Any payments by a buyer to PAH may be applied by PAH towards or set off against any sums owing from that buyer to PAH on any account.

26 Any disputes must be put in writing to Peebles Auction House, The Old School, Old Church Road, Peebles, EH45 8LH

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