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Est: $150 USD - $300 USDSold:
Amelia JeffersApril 26, 2024Delaware, OH, US

Item Overview


American, late 19th-early 20th Century. Group includes two marked "Sterling" tea balls and two small compacts with finger rings. Marked "Ger Silver" coin purse. Unmarked but possibly silver shell-shaped scent bottle and coin holder. Glass scent bottle. Approximate total weight of Sterling items 2.44 troy oz.

Condition Report

Silvering worn on mirror of one compact, gilt worn on glass scent bottle, some small dents.
Stopper is stuck and has been repaired, stopper stem has been broken and glued.

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Accepted forms of payment: American Express, COD (cash on delivery), Discover, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Other, Personal Check, Visa, Wire Transfer


SHIPPING: Jeffers may, as a service to buyer, arrange to have purchased property posted and shipped at the buyer's expense. Jeffers is not responsible for any acts or omissions in packing or shipping of purchased lots whether or not such carrier is recommended by Jeffers. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the responsibility of the buyer and is at the entire risk of the buyer.

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Amelia Jeffers
April 26, 2024, 10:00 AM EST

2690 Stratford Road, Delaware, OH, 43015, US


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AGENCY: Unless otherwise indicated, all Property will be offered by Jeffers as agent for the Consignor.
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Amelia Jeffers 2023

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Any fees associated with Jeffers receiving bidder payment will be borne by the bidder, including ACH ($1.03 per transaction), credit card processing fees (3.5% or current rate), Venmo fees (as incurred), or wire transfer fees (as incurred). There is no additional charge for payment by cash or check.

Shipping Terms

SHIPPING: Jeffers may, as a service to buyer, arrange to have purchased property posted and shipped at the buyer's expense. Jeffers is not responsible for any acts or omissions in packing or shipping of purchased lots whether or not such carrier is recommended by Jeffers. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the responsibility of the buyer and is at the entire risk of the buyer.

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The in-house Buyer's Premium is 20%, including absentee and phone bidding. All online bidding incurs a Buyer's Premium of 20% in-house plus a 5% online bidding surcharge.


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