Lot 1: Gustav Friedrich Baumgarten, Lamentation of

Schmidt Kunstauktionen Dresden OHG

December 8, 2012
Dresden, Germany

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Description: Gustav Friedrich Baumgarten, Lamentation of Christ. 1832. 1832.
Oil on canvas. Signed "G.Baumgarten", inscribed "Bologna" and dated on the bottom right.In a gilded, profiled decorated frame.In 1823 Gustav Friedrich Baumgarten went to Rome with the support of the Saxon royal house to accomplish his artistic education. Under the mediation of the minister of the Free Haseatic cities he copied Old Masters´ works at the Pinacotheca of Bologna about 1830 for the Russian tsar Nikolaus I. The present work is also an excellent copy with outstanding quality. It shows a part of the painting "Gesù Cristo in pietà pianto dalla Madonna e adorato dai santi Petronio, Francesco, Domenico,Procolo e Carlo Borromeo" of Guido Reni from 1616. Thinking of the high quality it is not astonishing that Baumgarten was admired for his great talent and achieved artistic merits.
Bildträger oxidiert, sichtbare Klimakante. O.li. konkave, Leinwandbeule. Malschicht mit deutlichem Alterscraquelé. Insgesamt drei Gewebepflaster u.li, Mi. und o.re., nicht ursprünglicher Spannrahmen, erneuerter Firnis. Mehrere Retuschen.
79,5 x 87,5 cm, Ra. 95 x 103 cm. 4550 $ 3500 €
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